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Parent Teacher Association

OLG Room “PAWS” (Parents Actively Working for our School)

The mission of the Our Lady of Guadalupe Room PAWS is to promote open communication and understanding between parents and staff and establishing a circle of support that includes alumni, parishioners and members of the general community. We strive to enhance and maximize the education of every child while aiding them in achieving their highest potential. We assist teachers in classroom setting, hold fundraisers for supplemental educational materials and experiences, support school and family social interaction, and provide a non-biased forum for sharing information on issues that impact our children. It is our belief that the team effort of a parent teacher organization offers the best possible learning environment for our children.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Room Parent Association members:

Room Parent Association Moderator
Mrs. Ana Carrillo (8th, 5th, 1st Grade Parent)

Room Parent Moderator
Mrs. Valerie Perez (1st, 3rd Grade Parent)

Transitional Kindergarten
Mrs. Anne Vasquez

Mrs. Teresa Miramontes-Villalpando

First Grade RM Parents
Mr. Pete Avila
Mrs. Andrea Cortez

Second Grade RM Parents
Mrs. Cynthia Preciado
Mrs. Sandra Viramontes

Third Grade RM Parents
Mrs. Margaret Hernandez
Mrs. Maria Perez

Fourth Grade RM Parents
Mrs. Yolanda Munoz
Ms. Maritza Torres

Fifth Grade RM Parents
Mrs. Ana Carrillo
Mrs. Cecilia Duenas

Sixth Grade RM Parent
Mrs. Pat Nevins

Seventh Grade RM Parents
Mrs. Cathy Wong
Mrs. Alma Munoz

Eighth Grade RM Parent
Mrs. Ana Carrillo

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