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Through a generous grant from a donor, in conjunction with the Catholic Education Foundation, Our Lady of Guadalupe School has participated in the Art Trek program. Art Trek lessons are designed not only to impart rendering, painting, and sculpting skills, but also to build student confidence and community ties. The art lessons rotate yearly so students are able to track their progress by doing the same lesson in a cycle, but every subsequent year, teachers add more complex art vocabulary, introduce a new technique, and incorporate elements of art history. Teachers make cross-curricular connections between the art standards and the standards for social studies, science, and language arts.

Performance Club

Performance Club is an extracurricular activity available for 4th–8th graders directed by Mrs. Cecilia Camacho, school parent and alumnus (’85). Performance Club, is very committed to making each student’s experience a positive one, not only by reinforcing the basics of performance learned in classes, but also providing an additional venue for teamwork and pride. The atmosphere is one where students have fun and look forward to expressing themselves in meetings, performances, and recitals.

The goal of this club is to explore the interests of the students with regards to drama. Because of this, the projects or type of performance will vary based on student interests and time and space constraints.

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